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VFA is built around a passion for technology, data and seeing our clients thrive


Hi, I’m Chidi. I’m a Qualified Chartered Accountant with a love for technology. One of my own sayings is ‘every number has a story’ and by finding out what that story is I can provide something very valuable to my clients. I am not a magician, but I will go beyond the call of duty to see your dreams come true; be it setting up a new business, developing your profit margin or opening an international arm. I also believe in a good night’s sleep and I want all my clients to realise their business dreams, live free of tax return nightmares and investigation fears. I have a passion for motorsport and will usually enter around 3 Triathlons a year amongst cycling and running events.

About Us Virtual Focus Accountants



We decided to work with Virtual Focus Accountants as they offered an efficient way to monitor our numbers and satisfy our tax obligations. What we got from them was so much more in the form of advice and support which has revised the way we see our business.

Running a successful business, you can get lost in the day to day but with the support we get from Virtual Focus Accountants we can concentrate on what we do best, while they provide the right financials, advice and insight to help us improve and run the business. Highly recommended.

– Jay Honosutomo, Owner Lost in TV Ltd”