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VFA is built around a passion for technology, data and seeing our clients thrive


Hi, my name is Chidi and I’m an expert in profit growth. I help business owners who are working hard on their businesses  but not achieving the desired results, so they can generate higher profits and have more time for them and their families.

I setup Virtual Focus Accountants after over a decade working in some of the top firms and now take great pleasure in using my skills and experience to help my clients realise their dream goals.

I have a passion for motorsport and will usually enter around 3 triathlons a year, amongst cycling and running events. Spending time with my family and the part time taxi driver job are my weekend joys (not complaining, honestly).

About Us Virtual Focus Accountants



We decided to work with Virtual Focus Accountants as they offered an efficient way to monitor our numbers and satisfy our tax obligations. What we got from them was so much more in the form of advice and support which has revised the way we see our business.

Running a successful business, you can get lost in the day to day but with the support we get from Virtual Focus Accountants we can concentrate on what we do best, while they provide the right financials, advice and insight to help us improve and run the business. Highly recommended.

– Jay Honosutomo, Owner Lost in TV Ltd”